Google Unveils NFC-Powered App Vending Machines in Tokyo

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Google Play

Recently in Japan, Google introduced three new machines that will help Android device users get the latest and greatest mobile games onto their phones without opening Google Play. The units are “app vending machines,” powered by NFC. Simply place your device under the display that is built into the vending machine, then watch it do all of the work. 

For now, the vending machine supports free and paid apps, but it also allows iOS/Windows/Other users to get in on the action. If you wish to try the experience out, the machine will dispense a Nexus 4 with the app you wish on, then after you have had some time to try it out, you need to give it back. Quite interesting.

The three machines will be manned by Google employees as they are set to begin taking customers tomorrow morning. Good luck, little app machines.

Via: Engadget



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