Motorola Hits the Road with MAKEwithMOTO, Allows X Owners to Make 3D-printed Accessories

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A team from Motorola is hitting the road, traveling from university to special event site, promoting creativity. The project is called MAKEwithMOTO, traveling in a velcro-covered van across the east coast. If the vast amount of customization options on MotoMaker isn’t already enough, and you are near one of the event’s meet-up spots, then you can try to create yourself a exclusive Moto X accessory using a 3D printer. 

Accessories that can be made can be like the custom case as seen in the picture below, as well as “NFC-enabled topographic dog tags and tessellation bracelets.” Basically, anything super nerdy and Moto X-related can probably be fabricated.

To see the full list of events and how you can score a chance to make your very own accessory, follow the links below.


Via: MAKEwithMOTO | Engadget



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