Pressy is a Fully-Funded Kickstarter Project That Adds Functionality to Your Headphone Jack

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Pressy, a project on Kickstarter that already reached its $40,000 goal, has the Internet going crazy. The device/accessory is a pretty great idea, though. Pressy fits right into your phone’s audio jack, which then allows you to perform tasks with a few simple taps on its button. What’s even sweeter is that when you have your headphones plugged in, and not Pressy, you can use your headphone’s button (if they have one) to perform the tasks. I suggest watching the video, because explaining it better than they have would be impossible. 

When Pressy is all set up, you can use programmed taps to perform functions. For example, if you tap on Pressy twice, you can take a picture. Tap on Pressy three times and you can make a call to a pre-determined contact of your choice. The choices are basically endless, which makes this a very unique and interesting little piece of hardware.

Pledging to Pressy is pretty cheap considering what the device is capable of. If you want a Pressy, you are looking at a pledge of only $17. Not bad at all, right? And since they have already reached the goal, then you are pretty much guaranteed a unit.

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