MotoMaker is Live If You Want to Custom Design a Phone, You Just Can’t Buy It Yet

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The Moto X is now available from AT&T if you are interested in the woven black or white versions of the phone, but most of you (if you are buying a Moto X) are likely more interested in designing your own through MotoMaker. I have both good news and bad news on that front. is now live for those who want to see what it’s like to design a smartphone. You can walk from stage one, which is picking the back color, all the way up to having the phone logged in with your Google account upon arrival. Unfortunately, it’s only there to “play” with, as the option to buy is still “coming soon.” 

No word on when MotoMaker will give you the option to purchase a phone, but we’d imagine it can’t be long. This is one of, if not the, most important selling features of the phone. After an initial test run over the last week that included press and friends and family of Motorola employees, I’d imagine that some tweaks are in store to get the service ready for a mass rollout.

We should point out that there is an option to “Redeem Moto X Card.” Those can be purchased at AT&T stores, so there is still a chance that you could custom design a Moto X today, and purchase it. So as we mentioned last night, feel free to stop by an AT&T store, check out the colors, and if you decide this is the phone for you, buy a Moto X card on the spot, return home, and order.

For now, head over to MotoMaker through the link below, create some phones, and share them in the comments. I’m dying to see what kinds of designs you can come up with.

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