1 Second Every Day App Wants You to Create the Ultimate Lifelong Video Highlight Reels

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Forget Vine and Instagram video for a second, and think long term. What if you recorded 1-second clips of video each day for the rest of your life? Think you’d see the ultimate story that included ups, downs, friends, family, travels, and all of the other things that accompany your ongoing saga? I’d say so. An app called 1 Second Everyday also believes that 1-second intervals could create something pretty unique and entertaining without much work. 

The project was originally developed on Kickstarter for iOS, but within the last week made its way to Android. The app allows you to either record your 1-second clip for the day or pull from previously recorded clips that can they be mashed together into a highlight reel of your life. You can create multiple timelines within the app, so you could have a personal timeline, another for each kid of yours, and maybe even do one specifically for the times you’ve spent in social settings (like say clips of each football season or concerts you’ve attended). You can setup daily recording reminders, specify timeline length, and of course, share it all with your friends on social networks.

It’s quite the interesting idea, assuming you could get yourself to record some type of video each day. In a year or so, you could have minutes of video recorded. In a decade, it could be an hour.

The app is free for the first 30 days of use. Once you crack the month mark, it’ll run you a 1-time fee of $0.99.

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