HOT Watch Lets You Make Actual Calls With Your Smartwatch, Already Funded on Kickstarter

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HOT Watch

Smartwatches have grown in popularity thanks to brands like Pebble and Metawatch, but my issue is that those devices are purely an extension of your cellphone. Sure, you can check your texts and emails on them, but what if you have a call and need to answer it? Out comes your phone and then your watch isn’t doing anything. Seems like a waste of space in certain circumstances. With HOT Watch, which is already fully-funded through Kickstarter, you can do all of the cool things that the other smartwatches can do, and then some. 

The coolest idea that I saw was that you can actually use the watch to make calls, then do nifty gestures with your hand to end them. Everything works over Bluetooth 4.0, so you just cup your hand and place it next to your ear, then talk away. Beyond just the calling, it can act as a calorie counter, Twitter feed app, email app, message app and the list really goes on.

It appears that the watches start at about $130, so watch the video below (it’s quite informative) and give us your thoughts down below.

We should point out that the HOT Watch launched on July 31 with a goal of $150,000. In 6 days, it has jumped over $316,000 raised, with more than 2,000 backers.



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