Google Announces Chromecast Dongle, Easiest Way to Bring Online Entertainment to Your TV

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The Chrome team announced Chromecast this morning at Google’s SF press event, a dongle that is plugged into your home’s TV HDMI port, allowing for streaming online content right to your television. It is made with YouTube and other video providers in mind, turning any compatible TV into a streaming monster. 

The service is cross platform, meaning even iOS users can take advantage of Chromecast. All control of videos is done with your device, so there is no need to learn any new user interface or things of that nature. In the top of apps, like Netflix and YouTube, a new icon can be found when you want to push a video to your TV. It’s a simple way of watching your favorite content right on the big screen. It also works with your music, so think of this dongle as a very simplified Nexus Q. An added bonus is that it doesn’t only work with Play Music, but other apps like Pandora.

Control from your desktop is also allowed. While watching a YouTube video on your computer,s imply hit a button and it is instantly pushed to your TV.

The device is only $35 and is available for purchase right now on Google Play.



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