Video: Google Glass, meet the NFL. NFL, meet Google Glass.

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Since Google Glass hit the streets, many have spoken of the device’s potential game-changing (pun intended) features that could find their way into sports arena across the world. If you could strap Google Glass to the face of today’s top athletes, we could see exactly what they see as they hit a monster home run or make the perfect pass for a game-winning touchdown. The possibilities are practically endless. ESPN was able to get Glass onto the heads of two St. Louis Ram’s players and the team’s general manager, showing them what the future could be like with the help of the device.¬†

Some good points are brought up, as Glass could be quite the distraction for players. In time, the device could be made smaller and less intrusive for your sight, but that’s up to Google at this point. The GM definitely took more of a liking to it, with thoughts of play calls and decision making clearly on his mind.

Any sport in particular you would like to see adopt Glass?

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