Another Photo of the Moto X Surfaces, Looking All Sorts of Matte

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moto x

Well, there is another photo of the Moto X. It looks a lot like all of the other photos of the Moto X that we have seen over the last couple weeks, meaning it doesn’t reveal anything else about this somewhat-mysterious-but-not-that-mysterious device coming out of Motorola. Actually, I take that back – Tim noticed almost immediately that the phone has a headphone jack placed directly in the center of the top, which for those of us who love bottom headphone jacks, is a huge disappointment.

Other than that, there is the speaker grill, rumored 10MP camera lens, centered flash just below it, Motorola indention-logo-combo, and a super ergonomically sexy curved backside. Ahhh, yeah.

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Via:  Weibo | Blog of Mobile



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