Falcon Pro Developer Finds Loophole Allowing New Users, Offers App for Free

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There has been plenty of curiosity surrounding Falcon Pro and the app’s apparent “shut down” from Twitter. Hitting the token limit for a second time, the developer is still quite intent on making users happy, recently launching a new site and secret method for new users to login without a token.

From getfalcon.pro, you can download the Falcon Pro application and any new updates to the app for free, then sideload it onto your device. From there, if you already have a token, all you need to do is simply login and enjoy. If you don’t have a token, the developer claims there is a secret way of accessing the app, but again, it’s a secret. 

If you don’t own a token, there’s still a way to log in… but you have to find it. I want to see how long it’ll take you to unlock the hidden feature. Make sure to let me know your findings, let the experiment begin 🙂

After playing with the app, I almost have it unlocked, but I think there is a special pattern that I can’t figure out yet. I’ll need your help, folks. After hitting the Falcon logo, tap the corners of the screen to make colors appear. This must be some type of combination. Let’s crack the puzzle together!

Falcon Puzzle

If you find out how to login, be sure to post it down in the comments so everyone else can start using the app as well.

Via: +Joaquim Verges




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