Koush Details New PushSMS Feature for CyanogenMod, a Secure Messaging Service

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Yesterday evening, Koush took to the official CyanogenMod page on Google+, announcing that he has been in the process of building a brand new messaging service called PushSMS, an “app” that rivals Apple’s iMessage in terms of security. Koush took security and privacy to the next level, enabling users to send encrypted messages, allowing for a greater sense of security when messaging friends and family. 

It gets a little technical and fortunately for those who are somewhat illiterate on this topic, Koush gives a full explanation on the post. Here is a quick excerpt.

I’ve built out a secure/push based messaging plugin for CyanogenMod. Messages between two CyanogenMod will be encrypted end to end and sent over GCM. It’s built into the framework; so it works transparently, even with third party apps. (This is actually one of the cooler points IMO, and I do a lot of testing with GoSMS, etc)

It’s basically PGP (encryption + authenticity) for text messages, built into the system.

The service isn’t quite ready for testing, so don’t go downloading the newest nightlies quite yet. We’ll let you know when it starts getting built into the ROM. For more info on PushSMS, please check out Koush’s post on Google+ by following the via link.

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