Video: CyanogenMod’s New Quick Camera Feature is the Coolest ROM Feature in a Long Time

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It happens to all of us: that time where you really want to take a quick picture, but by the time you have your camera app open the moment is gone. CyanogenMod developer Nebojsa Cvetkovic felt the same way, but instead of complaining he wanted to do something about it. CM was one of the first ROMs to implement the quick settings that we have all come to love in stock Jelly Bean, but this new feature currently under review makes those toggles even more useful. 

This new code adds a camera square in the quick toggle menu that you access when you pull down your notification bar. Open up your quick settings, click the camera button and you are greeted with a live-view of what the camera is seeing. Another click and viola, you have a picture. The photos are taken in full resolution from this mode and the camera closes itself when you close the notification menu, how awesome is that?

The feature is still currently being reviewed, but CM is definitely looking to implement this in their upcoming updates. Could this feature get you to switch from your current ROM?

Via: +CyanogenMod



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