TYLT VU Wireless Charger Up on Kickstarter, Allows for Free Positioning While You Juice

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VU wireless

With wireless charging dubbed one of the next big things for mobile devices, you can bet on seeing more and more companies attempting to create the perfect wireless charger. What makes wireless charging somewhat of a pain is that you are required to have your device placed perfectly in place at times to allow for the flowing of electricity. In addition, most wireless chargers are made for the phone to lay flat on a surface, not at an angle, making the ability to actually use the device while it’s charging somewhat of a pain in the rear. With the TYLT VU wireless charger that is now up on Kickstarter, you can place your device anywhere on this stand and get to juicing up, while also having it at a usable angle. 

The company is looking for $60,000 and has already reached about $16K in funding. Units cost around $50 and up depending on if there are any early bird options left. The stands are quite good looking, coming in a variety of colors, so I could see these becoming somewhat popular amongst the wireless charging fans.

Consider yourself a fan of wireless charging?



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