Video: First Look at Paranoid Android’s Halo Feature in Action

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We first wrote up that the Paranoid Android team was working on something big earlier this week, with many folks voicing quite a bit of excitement. It appeared to be a multi-window/Chat Heads feature that allows users to be inside any app and access other app’s notifications from anywhere on the device, without having to access the notification bar. So in essence, this feature acts as a Chat Head, but is completely system wide for all apps. Today, we are getting our first real look at Halo

Halo looks to almost reinvent the way we interact with notifications, taking regular multi-tasking and injecting it with steroids. So far, it looks very smooth for still being in early development stages, which has me pretty excited.

It is still unavailable for download, but as soon as alpha builds starting going up, we will link you to them.

Cheers Shamus!



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