Mr.AahH!! is an Addictive Jumping Game Where Wind and Gravity are Your Enemies

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There are quite a few new titles gracing Google Play’s “top new paid” apps list this week, Mr. AahH! being one of them. How do you pronounce the name exactly, I have no clue. In this title, you play as a stick figure that just wants to make his next jump without falling to his death. But watch out, there are some factors you will need to look out for if you are to be successful. 

As you swing from ledge to ledge, there are varying degrees of wind and gravity, making each jump different. If the wind is blowing hard in your face, you will need to tap the screen a bit late to release your guy, giving him enough cushion to land properly on the platform. Of course, the closer you land to the middle means the more points you will score. And with global leaderboards, every point counts.

It’s quite the addictive little title, just wish it had a different name.

Play Link: Free | Pro ($0.99)



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