New HTC One Kernel Maps “HTC” Logo to be Sleep or Menu Button

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Remember a story of ours from back in March that described the “HTC” logo between the Home and Back buttons on the HTC One as being used as an actual button thanks to a custom kernel? Pundits argued for days whether or not this was actually feasible, but we like to give developers the benefit of the doubt, since well, most of them are insanely smart people that amaze us on a daily basis. Sure enough, over the weekend, developer tbalden released a kernel that does in fact turn the HTC logo on the One into either sleep/wake or menu buttons. 

He currently has two versions, the first (top) pairs Home with the HTC logo to act as sleep/wake counterparts. Tap Home and your device will wake, tap the HTC logo and your phone will go back to sleep. The second version (below) simply turns the HTC logo into a menu button, which is simply put, brilliant. Since HTC went with the oddest navigation setup in the history of Android, a menu button might just make it bearable.

At this time, both kernels are a work-in-progress and are by no means flawless, from what we can tell. But over time, I’d imagine developers will fine tune this into being a standard ROM feature.

If you have an HTC One already and are interested in trying this out, hit up the XDA thread below for instructions.

Via:  XDA



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