Google’s Q1 Earnings: $14 Billion in Revenue, Net Income of $3.35 Billion

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Today, Google has opened their books and let us take a peek on how well the first quarter of 2013 went for them. Google earned themselves $14 billion in revenue over the first 3 months of the year. An increase of 31% compared to Q1 of last year, but the past two quarters have been in the same neighborhood, so growth has slowed a bit. 

Google’s net income of $3.35 billion is a part of an increase over the last few quarters, enough so that CEO Larry Page called this quarter  “a very strong start to 2013.” Also part of this earnings is Motorola, who hasn’t really been very active in this first quarter, but pulled in $1.02 billion in revenue anyway. A little bit less than the quarter before, but that’s because we haven’t seen any phones from them since the start of the year.

Via: TechCrunch



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