Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Exists, is Live on Samsung’s Site, and has No Branded Home Button

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verizon galaxy s4-1

Look, it’s the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy S4! It exists! Not that we didn’t think it would at some point down the road, but we’ve gone weeks since its unveiling without a peep from Big Red on availability. Thankfully, Samsung eliminated all mystery by posting the device to their site this morning.

As one would expect, since Samsung releases one design everywhere, it’s exactly like other  variants of the Galaxy S4, comes in white frost and black myst, and matches up identically in specs. Oh, it also doesn’t have a branded home button. The 4G LTE logo on the back doesn’t even look to be all that intrusive. Good job, Samsung!  

We still have no idea when this phone will arrive, but a leaked Staples roadmap mentioned May 30.


vzw white gs4-3

vzw gs4-3

vzw gs4-2

vzw gs4-7

The rest of the U.S. Galaxy S4 variants are posted as well. They all look the same, with carrier logos in the middle of the back plate. The Sprint version, however, does not have any carrier branding.

Via:  Samsung [2]

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