Give Google’s New Homepage App Launcher a Run Through

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If you like tinkering, then this next little trick should be right up your alley (not Android-related, but fun none-the-less). Google is currently experimenting with a brand new, built-in app drawer-style launcher through their homepage. If enabled, when logged into a Google account, you can open up the app drawer from, access Google Play, Google+, and other apps with ease. Good bye, ugly black bar. 

To enable this drawer, you must either be running Chrome, Firefox, or Opera as your browser and then follow a little list of instructions. Below we will list out the instrcutions for Google Chrome users, but if you are running either of the other two, you just need to follow the via and see how to perform it.


  • Install “Edit This Cookie” extension
  • Open in a new tab
  • Click the “Edit This Cookie” button from the Chrome bar
  • Find the “NID” item and select it
  • Replace the “value” text with the NID cookie value (see below) and click “Submit cookie changes”
  • Refresh Google’s homepage

NID Cookie Value:

Pretty neat, right?

Via: Google System



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