Everything.me Launcher Wants to Dynamically Change Phones Based on Location, Interests, and Mental State

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What if your phone’s launcher dynamically changed based upon interests, your location, or topics you had in mind at a specific moment? A new launcher called Everything.me is attempting to do those things. The idea comes from the thought that your phone should always be changing to your needs, rather than remaining in a static state, with the same wallpapers or apps in exact same spots no matter where you are. The developers behind this launcher think your phone should move and shake as you move and shake. 

For example, the main home page of Everything.me allows you to search, but not in the traditional Google sense. This is an in-launcher search that returns a new wallpaper, related apps already installed on your phone, and a variety of apps/links not on your phone that may help with your search. As you can see in the picture above (top left), I did a quick search for “the masters” and was welcomed with a beautiful, patron-less, and dewy fairway wallpaper of Augusta, followed by a shortcut to The Masters official website, along with a handful of other sports-related links. If I were to scroll down (yes, the page is scrollable), I’d continue to see new results until I found something useful. The same thing would happen if I searched for a movie, musician, or sports team.

The Everything.me launcher also tries to organize your launcher setup for you with what it calls “Smart folders.” Smart folders are based around topics that group together related apps on your phone with links to similar topics outside of your phone.

There are some major downfalls that I’ve already noticed after a few minutes with it, though. First, most of (actually all of) the suggestions returned are not links to apps in Google Play that I can install. They are simply shortcuts to websites that are themed to look like app shortcuts. Second, there are no real settings for the launcher. What you see is what you get outside of manually adding in your own widgets or wallpapers. Third, it certainly comes off as one giant potential advertisement in the making. Should this launcher pick up any steam, its developers could easily look to sell results that are returned based upon topics. That would be a massive turn-off.

The general purpose of Everything.me is to allow the launcher to change as you need it to. Whether or not it accomplishes that is up for debate.

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