Samsung’s First Galaxy S4 Commercials Arrive

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The first set of Galaxy S4 commercials arrived this morning from Samsung, focusing on many of the features we saw on stage during their event at Radio City Music Hall back in early March. As one would expect after topping all phone companies for advertising in 2012, Samsung appears to be poised to do it all over again with their latest flagship. 

In the top spot, Sammy sells “Sound Shot,” the camera feature that allows you to record a bit of sound with your picture, so that as you share it with friends or family, they can hear your experience. Yes, it’s kind of cheesy, but in this commercial, you can see the use case.

The second spot features “Group Play” and may be the worst ad of them all. Group Play allows multiple Galaxy S4 owners to create a massive music session by linking phones and playing the same song simultaneously. I can’t imagine ever wanting to do this, but according to Samsung, sports teams would prove me otherwise.

The last shows off “S Translator.” With S Translator, you can travel the world and not have to worry about learning other languages. Similar to Google Translate, all you need to do is select the proper language for the country you are in, speak your native tongue, and listen as it spits out translations for natives to react to. It will also translate back as they respond to the phone being shoved in their face.

Are you ready for Samsung’s wave of commercials?

Group Play

S Translator

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