AT&T Nabs Exclusive on the HTC One 64GB in the U.S.

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htc one 64gb

According to a new video posted to one of AT&T’s YouTube accounts, they were able to grab the exclusive on the 64GB variant of the HTC One. Twice in the highlight clip do they highlight the 64GB feature with a green “AT&T Exclusive” circle. As you may know, the device will come in both 32GB and 64GB variants since it lacks a microSD card slot. I can imagine that those of you who were not necessarily going to choose AT&T as your One provider are a bit saddened by this move. Then again, 32GB is quite a bit of storage and should be plenty for most, especially with an increasing reliance on cloud storage for much of what we do.

So we’re looking at 32GB from T-Mobile and Sprint for sure. If Verizon also gets the device, we’re assuming they will only have the 32GB variant as well.



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