Google Will No Longer Sue Over Open-Sourced Patents Unless Attacked First

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This morning, moments before the first 15-minute recess of the day at Mountain View Elementary, Googlers stood in front of their monitors, placed right hands over their hearts, and pledged allegiance to non-assertion of open-sourced patents. That’s right – no longer will Google sue “any user, distributor or developer of open-source software on specified patents, unless first attacked.” Times are-a changing in the patent game, at least Google hopes so with this move, dubbed the Open Patent Non-Assertion (OPN) Pledge. 

Outside of their promise to refrain from suing anyone, they also fronted 10 MapReduce-related patents that are already widely in use. Over time, they intend to expand this list, but are hoping this lays the groundwork for other companies to jump on board and take the pledge. Google believes this pledge offers transparency, breadth, defensive protection, and durability.

Let’s just hope it lasts longer than the Android Update Alliance.

Via:  Google Public Policy

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