Minuum is a Bold Attempt at a Minimal Keyboard in a “Single Dimension”

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When your keyboard pops up on your device as you tap inside of a text box, do you ever get frustrated over the fact that it covers up precious real estate or hides objects that you would rather see? You are not alone. A new keyboard, which is hoping to see funds through an IndieGogo campaign, is attempting to fix this problem. It’s called Minuum

Minuum wants to promote “delightfully fast sloppy typing” through its shrunken QWERTY keyboard. You see that image above? That’s it. It takes up all of one row (or “single dimension”), but is able to pack in the power of an entire full-blown keyboard. Thanks to a “specialized auto-correction algorithm that allows highly imprecise typing,” you can tap as fast as your fingers allow and still produce correct messages.

The keyboard is resizable, can be moved around your screen to any position (think tablets), and can be taken outside of touchscreens to gaming controllers, motion typing, etc.

Here are some of the keyboard’s benefits:

  • Recovering more than half of the usable touchscreen space you lose when you type on traditional virtual keyboards
  • Allowing you fast text entry when your typing is sloppy
  • Providing you with letter magnification for precise typing—especially useful if you have large fingers
  • Giving you the benefit of smart auto-correction
  • Respecting your familiarity with the QWERTY keyboard so you don’t have to re-learn the keyboard layout
  • Providing convenient access to everything you’d expect in a keyboard (such as, punctuation, space, backspace, and enter) without stealing your screen space
  • Letting you type anywhere—with a keyboard you can move around your touchscreen

If all of that wasn’t making Minuum clear enough, watch the video below to see it in action, then think about backing it for $5. The project currently sits at just over half of its funding goal of $10,000.

Via:  IndieGogo

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