Samsung Galaxy S4 SmartPause and Floating Touch Shown Off on Video

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You have to give it up to Samsung, they did a hell of a job keeping the new Galaxy S4 under wraps. Here we are, hours away from its unveiling, and we are just now seeing what we believe to be real leaks of the phone. Then again, I can’t help but admit that my mind remains somewhat skeptical, as Samsung does a better job at deceiving through controlled leaks than almost anyone.

With that said, after thumbing through last night’s pretty gallery of photos and now these two feature videos, I don’t know how this can’t be the phone we’ll see tonight in NYC. 

So what do we have today? Two features, new to TouchWiz. I say “new to TouchWiz” because Samsung will likely find a way to deliver these to the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 before long. One is SmartPause, a feature identical to the one that LG attempted to beat Samsung to the punch with last night. If you are watching a video and turn away, the phone will know to pause. As you return, it should then automatically start back up.

The other is being referred to as Floating Touch. It’s similar to what you get when you hover the S Pen on the Note 2 slightly over the display, only you can do it on the GS4 with your finger.

We’re only a couple of hours away!

Via:  Engadget



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