Video: HTC M7 Chassis Leaks, Gets Compared to Other HTC Phones

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You can consider the HTC M7 in full hypebeast mode in these last few weeks heading up to MWC this year. HTC’s supposed new flagship phone is leaking left and right and today we get to take a look at the chassis for the device as compared to other recent HTC handsets like the One X and DROID DNA

This video isn’t hiding any juicy details about the upcoming device other than the interesting fact that it looks like the M7 will feature a dedicated camera button. That’s something we had assumed went extinct as far as phones go lately, but other than that, the design for the M7 looks simple. It looks less like the One series and more like the DNA which we aren’t sure is a good thing or not. Either way, we will give the phone the benefit of the doubt until they put all of the pieces together.

Via: ETrade Supply



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