PushBullet Is the App That Chrome to Phone Should Have Been

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Google has been increasing the way our different devices interact through the web. With Chrome, all of our different tabs and history sync through our accounts with ease, but what about other types of information? As for me, I have sometimes emailed myself files, addresses, pictures, and other things that Google doesn’t sync through services. One way they did help people was with the old Chrome to Phone application, which allowed users to push links via an extension to their mobile device for easy access. But let’s face it, Chrome to Phone was weak sauce. 

This morning, a reader submitted PushBullet, an app that allows for the direct push of different info/files all through either a web interface or Chrome extension. It only takes a few steps to set up, but once you have, it’s a very valuable tool that merges both your computer and mobile device into a well-connected machine.


Once the app is installed on your device and you are signed into your Google account, you can choose to either send information to it from either their direct website or from their Google Chrome extension. From either of those, you can choose if you want to push a note, list, files, links, and all of that other stuff. After testing it out, it seems to work quite lovely and I will most definitely keep this one installed.

If you are all about pushing info from the desktop to your device, this is your new favorite app. Check it out and let us know what you think down below. This is the type of stuff that should come standard with Android.

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Cheers Adam!



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