Samsung Reflects on Disaster That Could Have Been, All Thanks to a Battery Cover

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Remember when word spread that the pebble blue variant of the Galaxy S3 was to be delayed all due to the back plate? Well, Samsung is going on record and has released their official wordy account of what took place, what steps they took to correct the issue, and the immense amount of pressure on their design and engineering teams to meet the global launch deadline. 

Samsung had a tough decision. Do they proceed as planned and ship the sub par battery covers or start from scratch and find a new process for creating a product that will impress their customers. With the company investing so much already into people’s awareness of the device (even before launch), they had no choice but to start over, as to not face some sort of backlash down the road.

Samsung’s VP of Product Marketing Group assured that they were committed to keeping their promise to consumers, that the sample phone shown earlier would be exactly what they would receive in the box. Re-creating the battery cover, with its riverbed pebble-inspired looks was no easy task though. Within a single hour of the recall, the engineering team was in the factory working on solutions to get the device back on track.

After a few ideas that didn’t pan out so well, like the “Nano-Ceramic Coating Technique” which would take too much investment and time to be worth it, it was found that the perfect mix of “passion and patience” was needed produce the perfect “Microsilver Blue coating process.”

As we all know now, the issue was met with diligence and Samsung released the pebble blue version with no real hiccups in supply to customers. What makes it nice is that Samsung can look back, have a fun story such as this and share it with fellow industry people for a chuckle.

I recall mentioning that Samsung was the company I look most forward to in 2013. If the Galaxy S4 can meet the hype, it should be a pretty fun year for Android fans.

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