Facebook Updates Messenger App With Voice Message Feature, Tests VoIP in Canada

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If you are big fan of all things Facebook, including Messenger, you’ll be pleased to learn that the latest update introduces a voice messaging system. Oh, boy. You know, for those times that an emoticon, photo, or tapping of your keyboard won’t do the job. Your virtual friendship begging can now be taken to a whole new audio level.

In the update, with a message open and contact selected, you’ll see a new “Record Voice” option under the three-dotted settings button. Once tapped, you get to a screen with a voice equalizer, record toggle, and “Done” button. Press and hold that record toggle and you can tape up to a minute of your best Catfish-esque, faux-model inspired, 3-year-long lie. Just keep in mind that if you let go of the record toggle, that it’ll automatically send. If you want to cancel the recording before the girl four states away realizes you are an internet sham, feel free to slide your thumb off to the side before picking it up. Neat, right? 

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VoIP Testing

On a somewhat related note – the audio part – Facebook is reportedly testing VoIP (Voice over IP) service in Canada. Should users adopt it on some feverish level, there is a chance that it comes to the U.S. or other parts of the world. Can you imagine, free calling through Facebook to its billions of users? Well, we don’t necessarily know if it’ll ever be that free, but in testing, it certainly is. Talk about a way to shake up the phone world.

If you own an iOS device and are freezing your buns off in a neighborhood to our north, feel free to load up Messenger and look for a special “Free Call” icon.

Via:  TechCrunch



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