YouTube For Android Updated, UI Revamp For 10″ Tablets Has Finally Come

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This morning, an update to the official YouTube for Android application was released, bringing a brand new UI for 10″ tablets. If you open up YouTube every once in a while, then you will see that this is the same UI that has been pushed to phones and 7″ devices for the past month or so. Instead of having that revolving wheel type of layout, you now have a more “organized” view of your subscriptions and the content they publish. 

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We have been looking at that old UI ever since I can remember using YouTube for Android, so it will be sort of nice to look at something new for a while. Although, I use the YouTube app like crazy and if I find something I can’t stand, rest assured I will voice my opinion on it. For example, YT’s recommendations showing up in my sub-box? Not cool.

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Cheers Adam!



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