Verizon Announces the Samsung Galaxy Camera With 4G LTE, Available December 13 for $549

Verizon and Samsung announced the Galaxy Camera with 4G LTE, the first camera in the world to be able to connect to next-gen LTE networks. From our understanding, it’s exactly like the Galaxy Camera with HSPA+ that we reviewed (Jelly Bean, 4.8″ HD display, quad-core processor, etc.), only it has a different radio inside. Oh, the price is also different, dropping in at a whopping $549 compared to the $499 price tag of the HSPA+ version.

Big Red also has an exclusive color of Cobalt Black (pictured above), but you can splurge on the white version should you prefer a lighter colored camera.

The device will be available on December 13 (this Thursday). If you choose to buy one, Verizon will allow you to add it to a Share Everything plan at promotional price of $5 per month. 


Via:  Verizon



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