Video: David Beckham Denies iPhone at Press Conference Because “It’s Not a Samsung”

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In a press conference, just two days before the MLS Cup, David Beckham was addressing the media when an iPhone on the press table rang. The phone clearly belonged to a media member, as you can see the variety of devices laid out on the table to record the conversation. Beckham made a crack at the vibrating phone, asking the crowd if he should answer it. But like the good spokesperson he is, took a moment to plug his sponsor, saying, “It’s not a Samsung, sorry, I can’t.” 

As you may recall, Beckham was a part of one of Samsung’s commercials for the Olympics and Galaxy Note that went viral. In the spot, he kicks soccer balls into a wall of drums to play out Beethoven’s Ode To Joy.

Well played, sir.

Cheers @razinlightyear!



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