HTC Backs Out of U.S. Tablet Market, Says It Was a “Learning Experience”

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According to HTC’s online communications manager Jeff Gordon, there will be one less face in the U.S. tablet game. The company has decided to pull their tablet lineup from the States and says “it was a great learning experience.” While Gordon didn’t say it specifically, I don’t think it’s a far stretch to interpret that as “we got our butts kicked” by companies like Apple, Amazon, and ASUS. Gordon also stated that they are watching the tablet market very closely and will re-enter if they feel they have a product that can compete.

We can’t say we’re shocked, especially when they only offered tablets like the Jetstream and the Flyer, which might have looked cool on paper, but just never seemed to pile up the sales numbers like offerings from their competitors.

Update:  An HTC spokesperson reached out to us to help clarify some of the statements made earlier. They had this to say:

“HTC is pleased with the results of our first foray into tablets—the HTC Flyer, EVO View 4G, and HTC Jetstream—and like any products in the mobile space that were release some time ago, our tablets have run through their planned lifecycles. We’re continuing to watch the tablet market very, very closely for the right opportunity to re-enter in a way in which we’re not just offering a “me too” tablet, but a product that’s compelling, differentiated, and inspiring to our customers.”

Saddened by the news?

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