Entertainment Weekly Publishing Magazine With Fully Functional Android Phone Inside

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Well, the marketing industry has hit either an all time high or an all time low depending on how you look at it. In a post from Mashable, they show that Entertainment Weekly’s Oct. 5 issue is going to feature an Android powered device inside for viewers to see live Twitter feeds and more. The phone, which is coupled with an attached battery, T-Mobile SIM card, and keyboard, was hacked by the Mashable crew to make calls and basically become a fully functional Android phone. 

EW is using the devices to advertise the CW’s Fall lineup, which must be pretty awesome (/s) considering they’re going to this type of length to bring awareness. Only 1,000 copies of this magazine will be sold, so if you plan on picking up a magazine with an embedded Android device, you may want to start camping out at your local newsstand tonight.

Via: Mashable

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