Galaxy Note 2’s Multi-Window Feature is Impressive

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The Galaxy Note 2 will arrive at a carrier near you by mid-November. We know this because Samsung announced that all of the major U.S. carriers will have it by then, plus they have a press event scheduled for October 24 to hopefully make dates official. As we inch closer to that date though, we are starting to learn more about the software customizations that have been made to make this possibly, Samsung’s most impressive smartphone to date.¬†

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to sit down with Samsung and discuss the new S Pen, the new version of Pop-up Play, and some of the added features in the gallery. What they didn’t show me, was this new multi-window¬†functionality¬†that is highlighted in a launch video for the device in Korea.

You may recall a similar feature on the Galaxy Note 10.1, however, the multi-window feature on that tablet was incredibly limited. In fact, only 6 apps could take advantage of it. With this new version on the Note 2, it appears as if any app on your phone can work with it, but you can also resize the areas that you are using, and hot swap different apps between them.

To access this new feature, all you need to do is long press on the Back button and a semi-hidden menu will appear on the display. From there, you can use the S Pen to grab the menu, move it around until you find a preferred location, and then open it to decide which app you would like to use and in which space.

To see it in action, jump to the 2:04 mark in the top video. You can also see it live at the beginning of the video below.

I recommend that you watch both videos to get the full Galaxy Note 2 experience. Samsung is quickly showing how far ahead of the competition they are when it comes to custom software that is actually useful.

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