Black Metal Man – The Only “Tro0 Bro0tal Kvlt” Metal Game

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I enjoy lots of different music genres. Lately, I have been listening to more radio-friendly music, but back when I played music for a living, I played Metal. The more fast tempoed, brutal, heavy, the better. If you’re into that type of music too, then allow me to introduce you to the Black Metal Man. This game is awesome. It’s a platform game where you’re a black metal fan, whose goal is to collect as many pentagrams and upside down crosses as possible.¬†

You travel through the mystic Norwegian forests, while riding the lightning and avoiding sticks of dynamite. As corny as this game may seem for metal fans, it actually has a fantastic soundtrack of real metal music and stays true to real fans of the genre. Face paint and all. Pick it up and let me know what your favorite metal band is. As for me, it’s Gojira all day and everyday.

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