Samsung and Apple’s Phone Call is Last Effort to Reconcile Before it’s Up to a Jury

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Today, a phone call of epic proportion is set to take place between the CEO’s for both Apple and Samsung. Tim Cook and Kwon Oh Hyun will try to make an effort to see if either side can come to terms before Judge Koh and a jury decide their fates. In terms of what is being discussed, in the end, it is a huge sum of cash. Apple is currently seeking $2.75 billion in damages and Samsung looks to pocket nearly $400 million in royalties from misused patents.

According to Judge Koh, jury deliberations could begin as soon as tomorrow, but could take quite some time. The way we see it, the sooner the better. This trial has gone on way too long. Do you have any thoughts on what you would like to see as an outcome?

Via: Bloomberg



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