Q2: Android Accounts for 68% of World’s Smartphone Shipments

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According to a new report from the IDC, iOS and Android accounted for 85% of all smartphones shipped during Q2, which is a phenomenal percentage. To no surprise, Samsung accounted for about 44% of all Android smartphones shipped and actually totaled in more combined product sold than the next 7 Android OEM’s combined. Do work, Samsung.

In total, Android accounted for 68% of all smartphones shipped globally while iOS held a mere 17%. As with any major release from Apple, those numbers are sure to get a nice boost as they prepare to launch their newest iPhone next month.  On a sadder note, while Android numbers grow bigger and healthier, it means that Windows and BlackBerry are not sharing the same success, accounting for just 4.8% and 3.5% of all shipments during the second quarter of 2012. Ouch.

Stay strong, Bugdroid. Stay strong.

Via: BGR



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