Sign-Up for Serve by American Express and Receive $25 to Spend

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Back in August 2011, Verizon and Serve (an American Express payment system), announced a partnership of sorts that confused us at the time. With Verizon and other carriers putting together an NFC payment system, we weren’t really sure why they would want to partner up with another payment service. We’re still confused, but the partnership received a kick start today when Verizon posted up a deal on their Facebook page. The deal is, if you sign-up for Serve and deposit $25, American Express will match and deposit another $25 into your account. 

“What is Serve?” you ask? Think of it like PayPal. Actually, there is no better way to describe it than by thinking of PayPal. It’s a money locker that can be loaded by attaching bank accounts and debit and credit cards. You can make payments online with it, but Serve will also send you a card to be used to make purchases in stores. The other money-centric task you can accomplish has to do with sending and receiving money from friends, again, just like you would with Paypal.

So why should you sign up? Well, to get the $25 that will be matched once you deposit your own $25. Otherwise, I’m not sure.

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