Verizon Will Begin Shutdown of Remaining Alltel Data Network in January 2013

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Remaining Alltel device users on Verizon’s network, you have until January 2013 to get rid of your current phone and pick up one from Verizon. Well, if you want to keep using data that is. At the beginning of next year, around January 10, Verizon will start to shut down the Alltel Data Network that came with their acquisition of the smaller carrier in 2009. By April 2013, they plan to complete the shutdown.

If you have yet to pick up a Verizon phone, know that your Alltel phone will still be able to send texts and make/receive calls, however, your data services will go bye-bye. Again, this is for current Verizon customers that are using Alltel devices.

Any Alltel customers in the building? If so, have you received a letter with these details from Verizon?

Cheers Aaron!



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