Another Judge in an Apple vs. Android Suit Finds Proceedings ‘Ridiculous’, Can We Stop All the Suing Yet?

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Apple and Samsung are at it again, no surprise there, in Australia over Samsung’s 3G patents. Another trial has begun between the two companies, but the presiding judge,¬†Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett has the same thought that we all have; that the whole thing is “ridiculous.” Bennett asked the lawyers on both sides “Why on earth are these proceedings going ahead” and speculated on sending the case into mediation instead of full-on trial.

The other interesting piece to come out of the beginnings of this trial is the comment by one Apple lawyer saying that they were willing to pay for the use of the patents. Samsung apparently refused that deal, and decided to take this to trial instead. And it should also be noted that this case is a counter-suit in response to Apple suing Samsung. The trial is set to be decided by the end of the week, hopefully there won’t be any more bad news for Android.

Via: The Verge



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