Verizon Q2 Bullets: Sold 2.9 Million Android Phones, 2.7 Million iPhones, Mid-2013 Full LTE Rollout, Share Everything a Hit

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Verizon announced their Q2 2012 earnings this morning, which included a 50-minute earnings call with CFO Fran “ShamWow” Shammo. We are about half way through it, but wanted to start up this post to share some of the bits of info that you may not find in the actual press release. We like numbers and future predictions and there are no better places to find them than during a quarterly earnings call. 

Opening remarks on Wireless:

  • Verizon sold 2.9 million “DROID” (yes, he said “DROID” and not Android) phones compared to 2.7 million iPhones. 2.5 million of the Android phones were 4G LTE capable.
  • 20% of 4G LTE device sales were new customers to Verizon.
  • Share Everything plans created to be an “optimal way to monetize increasing data usage.” They also want to “encourage device adoption and stimulate usage.”
  • Early feedback on Share Everything “has been great.” They are seeing wide variety of customers opt-in “including existing smartphone customers with unlimited data plans.”
  • 4G LTE network covers nearly 75% of entire U.S. population. More 4G LTE coverage than all competitors combined.
  • On track to have 4G LTE network the size of their 3G network by mid-2013.

Q and A:

  • On adoption of Share Everything: Tracking “ahead of where we thought we would be” for Share Everything. They are seeing “some” unlimited customers that are switching over from 3G.
  • On lower upgrade numbers:  “There is always that rumor mill out there with the new phone coming out in the 4th quarter. And so people may be waiting.” iPhone 5 reference? New Nexus? Who am I kidding, probably not a Nexus reference.
  • On Q3 and Q4 upgrades:  “I’m sure we are going to have plenty of new devices that come out between now and the holiday season.”

And that’s that.



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