This Nexus 7 Unboxing Video Montage is Hilarious

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As someone that unboxes mobile devices for a living, I have to admit that this video montage of other writers having difficulty unboxing the new Nexus 7 is hilarious. As you’ll soon know when your pre-order from Google arrives, this thing is packaged up tightly. In fact, Tim and I unboxed it in our hotel room at Google I/O and quickly realized how big of a pain in the rear the tape job was. Finger nails can’t cut through this industrial strength stuff, you need something sharp.

You may have noticed that we didn’t post an unboxing and instead went with the “hands-on with a demo device” followed by a device overview once we returned from San Francisco. We filmed an unboxing, but it wasn’t pretty and decided to pass on it, partly because of the issues we had. In some way, I feel like Google and Asus just played the ultimate troll trick on the tech reporting universe. This video shows that, oh so well. Imagine us struggling right along with these select reporters.

“I don’t know if they taped it or what, but it’s in here tight.”



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