Nexus 7 an Early Hit, Selling Out at Most Retailers Already

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Hopefully you pre-ordered a Nexus 7 and your retailer of choice is holding onto it for you if you have yet to pick it up. Reuters is reporting that stores like Gamestop, Sam’s Club, and Staples are all selling out of their first allotments of this hot little $199 tablet before it has officially gone on sale. All signs are pointing to next week being the official launch, since Google is just now shipping Play Store orders, however, pre-orders at many retailers have been available for pick up all day today. Online stores and brick and mortars have only a few left or none at all. If you had planned on trying to snag one this weekend, be sure to call ahead.

And if you haven’t yet, be sure to read our Nexus 7 review. Spoiler alert! We love it.

Via:  Reuters



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