Facebook for Android Updated, No Longer Supports Devices Running Eclair and Below

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Everyone’s favorite (yes, everyone’s) social network has been updated on Google Play. The update to Facebook must be pretty substantial, seeing as how it has dropped support for devices not running 2.2+. Even though I don’t know which devices are still running Eclair (we feel bad for you if you have one), it’s still good to see Facebook focusing on what matters, a decent mobile application. 

The app has been updated to support front facing cameras, messaging features that allow for switching between conversations with your homies, and other various bug fixes.

  • Facebook for Android 1.9.7 requires Android 2.2 and up
  • A front-facing camera makes it easier to take photos
  • New messaging features let you switch between conversations, include friends of friends, share bigger photos, and see who’s available
  • Various bug fixes
  • Made a security improvement
  • Faster app login and navigation

Go grab the newest update and then update your status telling people you’re updating your status with the newest update.

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Cheers Radgatt!



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