Crazy NFL Off-Season Continues: Eagles Sign 5 Undrafted Free Agents to Their Roster

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The NFL just took a wacky turn for the crazier this year. Teams have fallen apart, come together with trades and draft picks have been flying everywhere. Now that we’re into the training camp stage of the off-season, teams are looking to sure up their rosters for the year ahead and the Philadelphia Eagles have just made an unprecedented move, signing 5 undrafted free agents. Press conference video after the break. 


As the defending champs, the Giants are going to have to keep an eye on the Eagles in the NFC this year with Angry Birds coming to their roster. But in all seriousness, Rovio and the Eagles have come together for a new themed game later this year, near when the NFL season will start. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that there will even be a big marketing campaign to follow and that the Eagles will even get the rights to use Angry Birds on their jumbotrons in the stadium.

Andrew Stalbow, Rovio’s General Manager for North America, was quoted as saying that this is just one part of Rovio’s “aggressive” plans going forward. I can’t see how it gets more aggressive than this. Do you like these mobile games tying in with marketing campaigns? This and Temple Run’s recent tie-in with the movie Brave seem to hint towards it happening more often.

Via: WSJ



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