The Droid Life Q&A Session: Volume 2

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Two weeks ago, we announced a new feature called the “Droid Life Q&A Session” which gave the DL community the chance to ask our team anything that they had been dying to get feedback on. While we toss out opinions and flavor here and there, we still try to do our best to provide you with straight up news. These Q&A sessions though, through your questions, are a way for us to let loose a bit and you inside the minds of this whacky team.

The idea here is pretty simple. You toss out questions in the comments, and by Friday, we grab a handful and answer them as a team. These could be industry related and about today’s Apple conference and why we laugh the entire time that their execs are on stage, if we think Google I/O will blow minds or be a dud, whether or not you should buy the Galaxy S3 now or later, etc. You could even go personal and ask Tim what he feeds his wolf pup for breakfast, what Eric’s favorite console game of all time is, if Ron has an opinion on Lindsay Lohan driving a rental Porsche and ramming it into the back of a semi, or how I decide to buy Matrix-like green-checkered shirts?

Ask away! Be sure to come back Friday to see which questions we have picked. To read Volume 1’s answers, check out this post.



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