Google Drive Offline Coming Within the Next Few Weeks?

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Google Drive launched a couple weeks back and quickly got to work doing it’s thing by managing everyone’s files. Only problem with cloud-based apps like Drive is that if you have no connection you are left high and dry without your files. Fortunately for Drive power users, an interesting nugget of information dropped at the end of this week’s D conference that just wrapped up, and from Google’s Senior Vice President of Chrome Sundar Pichai no less:

It’s a natural evolution. Users like the familiarity. Sometimes wanting to be full-screen; if you’re watching YouTube or Netflix, you want to be immersed. It’s important to remember that we release a new version every six weeks; contrast that with Windows! Google Drive offline is coming five weeks from today.

“Five weeks from today.” That’s a pretty specific time-frame to just toss out off the top of your head. Currently, you can view Docs when you are offline but not edit them. It sounds like the team behind Drive has a little something up their sleeve, we’ll just have to wait and see when they want to show what it is.

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