Soak Test Invites Sent, Ice Cream Sandwich Finally Heading to the Verizon Motorola XOOM?

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By now, we all should understand that the original Motorola XOOM that was sold to Verizon customers back in March as the first ever Honeycomb device was a beta product. Google admitted that Honeycomb was rushed and unfinished and the device lacked 4G LTE radios that would need to be added on later. It’s been a rough ride to say the least.

There may be a glimpse of hope on the horizon though, as Motorola Feedback Members who own the device are being invited to test an update in the near future. All we can think is, “This has to be Ice Cream Sandwich.” What else could it possibly be at this point? We have seen the screenshots from Verizon’s internal testing system, showing that Android 4.0 has been in testing and potentially ready for some time now. I’d say the day has finally come.¬†And let’s not forget that Motorola told us “Q2” for a rollout.

According to the info we received, it doesn’t matter if your XOOM has been upgraded with the LTE radio or is still on CDMA, the update should work anyway.

Cheers M, S, T and J!



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