Project Glass to Incorporate the Use of Gesture-Based Magic Rings?

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According to a new detailed report from Patent Bolt, Google has recently been hard at work coming up with ways to revolutionize the future of mobile technology. Google’s vision of the mobile future could possibly sit with Project Glass, and they are coming up with even more ways to make it an out of this world experience. The newest design details depict a Ring, which serves as a marker for the Google Glasses. With the glasses and ring, Google describes the user controlling actions with a complete library of gestures and movements. 

Off the top of our heads, we can think of a few fun actions we could perform with tech like this. You could swipe your hand from left to right and music starts playing or say you’re looking at a document – you could swipe up and it will upload the file to your Drive account. Maybe you could even write on top of the document with your finger, like a sketch application. The uses could be really interesting, but for now, this is still in the conceptual stage. A guy can dream though, right?

Via: Patent Bolt



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